Friday, March 6th - Sunday March 8th and Friday March 13th - Sunday March 16th

Submissions EXTENDED for 2009 season!
We're seeking submissions for the cultural event of the season, the 7th Backseat Film Festival - EXTENDED DEADLINE IS JANUARY 31st 2009

Check out the 941 Theater Calender here!

NEW movie theater and live arts venue now open in Philly!
After years of searching for the perfect venue, we at the Backseat Film Festival have announced the opening of our very own theater in beautiful Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. You may remember it as the same space we've held our last 2 Philly festivals, and now we're gearing up to open it full-time as a theater primarily for first-run, independent feature films, giving us the opportunity to show a much broader range of movies, with full theatrical runs throughout the year. Check out the calendar, press clippings, a virtual walkthrough and much more at www.941theater.com. And don't worry...the Backseat Film Festival will be back in Philly this March with all the rock 'n roll movies and free booze you can handle!