12 pm

Fudge 44
Philadelphia Premiere

Running Time: 71min
Graham Jones

Synopsis: A controversial mockumentary about 6 puppets in a financially impoverished Tokyo children's puppet theater who, locals believe, came to life and robbed a nearby bank to avoid being put out of business. Through dozens of interviews, local residents tell their stories and we slowly develop a picture of six small wooden men dressed in expensive suits, behaving with the characteristics of suave criminals and engaging in some kind of murky business.


Flogging Margaret
Philadelphia Premiere
Filmmakers in attendance
Made in Philly!

Running time: 90 min
Oliver Assarian
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Synopsis: Flogging Margaret is a love story about revenge. A year after Keith gets dumped by his college girlfriend it's time to get on with his life. His best friend and constant agitator Chainsaw is the only one in his life willing to kick him hard enough in the butt to get him at of bed and into the real world. They hang out together and even work together as "relationship investigators" catching cheating husband, wives and more, and doing it well. After they run into Keith's old friend Joey, who by the way just came out of the closet, Keith and Chainsaws eyes are opened into a world of beautiful women, parties, and a couple of German dominatrix named Ursula and Helga. On there first outing together at a night club Keith meets the girl of his dreams, Chloe. She's fun, beautiful, parties, likes the things he likes, every man's dream girl. Sparks begin to fly over several rounds of shots and back into the bedroom. Who should show up to ruin this wonderful moment but, Margaret. Keith's ex girlfriend and the banef Chainsaws existence. She always wore the pants in the relationship and has a power over Keith that only Chainsaw and a mysterious brown bag can put a stop to.