6 pm

Up at Lou's Fish: The Fulton Fish Market Chronicles
Philadelphia Premiere
Filmmakers in attendance

Running Time: 87min
Alex Brook Lynn & Corinna Mantlo

Synopsis: 'Up at Lou's Fish' follows the lives of the New York City Fulton Fish Market community, recounting their history as they prepare for relocation to Hunt's Point in the Bronx, after 183 years on South St. The market has always been an insular community; however the filmmakers of 'Up at Lou's Fish' had the privilege of capturing their inter-borough migration. We follow the men and woman -- first, second, third, and forth generation fishmongers -- as they prepare to make the move and share the experiences of their community. In a city that is always changing, the only thing left to do is to tell its stories.


Saving CBGB
Philadelphia Premiere
Filmmakers in attendance

Running time: 80 min
Pat Byrne

Synopsis: It's "Super Size Me" meets "End of the Century” meets "Roger & Me” meets "Punk Attitude". New York is home to many things, but rock clubs, among other things, are becoming extinct. In the summer of 2005, filmmaker Pat Byrne set out to document the last summer of the original CBGB lease. This film shows what happened over that historical summer in the East Village. This screening is of a never-before seen cut of the film which includes recent footage of CBGB's last days in late 2006. Featuring Steve Van Zant, Debbie Harry, Ted Leo, Marky Ramone, Bouncing Souls, Sick of it All, Roger Miret, Hilly Kristal, Godlis, Roberta Bayley, John Holmstrom, Mickey Liegh, Richard Hell, Legs McNeil, John Norris, and a brief moment with Flava Flav.