6 pm

An ecelctic mix of more than 2 hours of short films and music videos. Most of the films are Philadelphia premieres. Many filmmakers will be in attendance. Many of the shorts in the festival will be shown during these screening blocks. Many will also be shown before features during the rest of the week. Just check out the list, they're all here. Lists are in alphabetical order NOT screening order. All times are subject to change, but hopefully not.


ANIMATIONS including lots of different movies made without the use of those damned human actors!
LOCAL SHORTS by talented filmmakers from right here in our own backyard!
PLUS lots of other surpirses!


Circle of Freaks
Running time: 6min
Director: David Popolow
Official site:
Little boy goes to a freak show and gets more than he bargained for.

Dr. Nutbutter and the Monster Cock
Running time: 3min
Director: Doug Tesch
Official site:
Weird and kind of obscene...right up our alley!

Running time: 1min
Director: Tim Farrell
Official site:
The internet can be a frustrating place.

Full Metal Slacks
Running time: 5min
Director: Scott Calonico
Official site:
President Johnson orders a new pair of pants, amidst the confusion of a war called Vietnam.

Guard Dog
Running time: 5min
Director: Bill Plympton
Official site:
Man's best friend had a little too much coffee. From the legendary Bill Plymton.

Running time: 1min
Director: Skizz Cyzyk
Official site:
Doug really likes candy.

Half Price $ale
Running time: 8min
Director: Mike Zaleski
Official site:
I know where I'm going to spend my next paycheck.

Manager's Corner
Running time: 3min
Director: Skizz Cyzyk
Official site:
You talking about my team, you son of a bitch?

Mr. Happy Drives Drunk
Running time: 1min
Director: John Shock!!!
Official site:
A very valuable lesson can be learned here.

No Better Time
Running time: 9min
Director: Dean Galanis
Official site:
What's more annoying, living amongst the walking dead, or your roommate's ex-girlfriend?

One Ring Zero's "M.C."
Running time: 2min
Director: Skizz Cyzyk
Official site:
Cool video from Skizz, of Microcinefest in Baltimore.

PUPHEDZ: The Tattle-Tale Heart
Running time: 27min
Director: Jurgen Heimann
Official site:
Puppets doing Poe!

Ringwald and Molly: Episodes 1 & 5
Running time: 10min
Director: Rob Schrab

Official site:
Puppetry from the impatient imagination of Rob Schrab, creator of Scud: the Disposable Assasin and Robot Bastard.

Rudolph the Terrorist Reindeer
Running time: 5min
Director: John Shock!!!
Official site:
A classic, updated for the times in which we live.

Safety First
Running time: 5min
Director: Scott Calonico
Official site:
Tom and Patty are on their way to work. They'll go when it's safe.

SillyCon 2: May Contain Peanuts
Running time: 16min
Director: Sillycon

Official site:
More sketch comedy from those jokers from Baltimore.

The Willowz "Making Certain"
Running time: 3min
Director: John Michael McCarthy
Official site:
Woah. Trippy. They must have good drugs in Memphis.

Zoom Suit Running time: 9min
Director: John Taddeo
Official site:
Those bullys and criminals will finally get what they have coming to them.

OTHER SHORTS and MUSIC VIDEOS playing at other times during the festival.

Baby Pepper
Brian Adam Ant "Bored"
Budhi Brown "Death Is A Flower"
Bugs 'n Beer
Fuck Pillows
Harry Knuckles
Kevin Maher: Actor
New Age Hillbilly "Weekend Warrior"
Office Ninja
Our Living Will
Portal, the Movie
Robots are Blue
SCHS "Strychnine in my Kool-Aid"
Satan's Blood
Secretions "Cemetary Pogo"
SillyCon: Our First DVD
Stiffs by Sid
The Adventures of Sass Parilla the Singing Gorilla
The Dudes
The Epoxies "Stop Looking at Me"
The Fuzz
The Hives "Abra Cadaver"
The Kids Of Widney High "Pretty Girls"
The Phenomenauts "Mission"
The Phenomenauts "Tiny Robots"
The Voice Inside
Triple Crème "Team Queen"
Wienercop Vs. Crockinator
You Make the Call