6 pm

An ecelctic mix of more than 2 hours of short films and music videos. Most of the films are Philadelphia premieres. Many filmmakers will be in attendance. Many of the shorts in the festival will be shown during these screening blocks. Many will also be shown before features during the rest of the week. Just check out the list, they're all here. Lists are in alphabetical order NOT screening order. All times are subject to change, but hopefully not.


BALTIMORE! Many of our favorites from the fair city of Baltimore. (though not the ONLY Baltimore movies we're showing this year!)
PLUS lots of other surprises!


Baby Pepper
Running time: 1min
Director: Carl Russo
Official site:
A commerical for a very useful product indeed.

Running time: 22min
Director: Lee Gordon Demarbre
Official site:
Killer bees attack Canada!

Fuck Pillows
Running time: 7min
Director: Nikc Miller
Official site:
We all could use one of these.

Kevin Maher: Actor
Running time: 5min
Directors: Mr. Corey Boutilier & Mr. Kevin Maher
Official site:
Photo essay by a man of comedy.

Our Living Will
Running time: 6min
Directors: Kevin Maher & Jason Woliner
Official site:

It's what she would have wanted.

Robots are Blue
Running time: 8min
Director: Bill Sebastian
Official site:
Wait a second, robots don't like poetry.

SillyCon: Our First DVD
Running time: 11min
Director: Sillycon
Official site:
Hilarious sketch comedy from Baltimore.

The Dudes
Running time: 9min
Director: Sike Trike
Official site:
A must for any bachelorette party. Look out ladies!

The Fuzz
Running time: 5min
Director: David Brauns
Official site:
The darkest side of police corruption.

The Kids Of Widney High "Pretty Girls"
Running time: 4min
Director: Michael Medaglia
Official site:
Great video featuring some great kids.

Running time: 12min
Director: Peter Bolte
Official site:
This guy is talking to himself....creepy. Featuring Sean Gullette (Pi, Requiem for a Dream).

Wienercop Vs. Crockinator
Runnign time: 32min
Directors: The Passera Brothers
Official site:
A timeless tale of father and son. Absolute genius. Makes me hungry just thinking of it.

You Make the Call
Running time: 4min
Directors: Kevin Maher & Jay Stern
Official site:

Who do you think is going to hell?

OTHER SHORTS and MUSIC VIDEOS playing at other times during the festival.

Brian Adam Ant "Bored"
Budhi Brown "Death Is A Flower"
Bugs 'n Beer
Circle of Freaks
Dr. Nutbutter and the Monster Cock
Full Metal Slacks
Guard Dog
Half Price $ale
Harry Knuckles
Manager's Corner
Mr. Happy Drives Drunk
New Age Hillbilly "Weekend Warrior"
No Better Time
Office Ninja
One Ring Zero's "M.C."
Portal, the Movie
PUPHEDZ: The Tattle-Tale Heart
Ringwald and Molly: Episodes 1 & 5
Rudolph the Terrorist Reindeer
SCHS "Strychnine in my Kool-Aid"
Safety First
Satan's Blood
Secretions "Cemetary Pogo"
SillyCon 2: May Contain Peanuts
Stiffs by Sid
The Adventures of Sass Parilla the Singing Gorilla
The Epoxies "Stop Looking at Me"
The Hives "Abra Cadaver"
The Phenomenauts "Mission"
The Phenomenauts "Tiny Robots"
The Voice Inside
The Willowz "Making Certain"
Triple Crème "Team Queen"
Zoom Suit