6 pm

Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace
Philadelphia Premiere

Running Time: 116min
Director: Lee Gordon Demarbre
Official site:

Synopsis: A valuable necklace has gone missing, and Harry Knuckles, AKA Special Agent Spanish Fly, is on the case. But getting his hirsute hands on the prize isn't going to be easy for the diminutive dynamo. There's more to this case than meets the eye.

Armed with a lethal arsenal of kung-fu moves, a hair-trigger temper, a fistful of moxie and a seemingly endless supply of potassium-rich bananas, Harry's ready to knuckle up against any and all comers.

Back to back with his loyal friend, famed Mexican wrestler El Santos, Harry goes toe to toe with the hinterland horror of the Bionic Bigfoot and an army of interlopers. Can even Special Agent Spanish Fly survive the Zen onslaught of a shadow warrior from the land of the rising sun? A duo of pampered preppie pickpockets? A seductive team of amazon assassins? How about a binary beat down in a booby-trapped virtual reality or a round of rest-stop rough housing?

Even if he does, he'll still have wrangle a parade of thugs, mugs, pugs, lugs and palookas that want to see him kissing canvas before he can get his mitts on the man behind it all. And when he does, the identity of that man will shatter Harry's world forever. That man is his own furry flesh and bristly blood. His reflection in a cracked mirror.

His identical twin brother.

Harry's brother has been waiting years to prune the family tree, and this is his chance. When these two go at it, they make Cain and Able look like the Smothers Brothers.

Harry's always been able to put the slug on anyone, but can even he beat a man who's his equal in every way? His brother has a syringe of poison that says he can't.

When the dust settles, even the last man standing may not be standing for long. Harry had better make every punch count, because this very well could be the final round before he has to face the big eight-count in the sky.

For the fans who have been clamoring for another Harry Knuckles adventure, Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace is a punch-drunk dream come true: bigger, longer, and hairier than ever before. For newcomers to Harry's world, it'll be an eye-opening, tooth-loosening experience they won't soon forget.

So put up your dukes and get ready for an archeological adventure like no other.

What's the matter — you got four feet?

Director bio: Director Lee Gordon Demarbe and writer Ian Driscoll form Odessa Filmworks, the award winning team that brought the world Harry Knuckles and the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy and rewrote the gospel of Canadian filmmaking with Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter. Their latest short film, Bzzzzzzz, will also be screening during this year's festival.


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