9 pm

All Kindsa Girls: An Evolutionary Tale Featuring The Real Kids
Philadelphia Premiere
Filmmaker in Attendance

Running Time: 66min
Director: Cheryl A. Eagan-Donovan
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Synopsis: In 1976, the year the Ramones and the Sex Pistols issued their first albums, ex-Modern Lover John Felice put together the band that would become the Real Kids. One year later, they recorded the garage/punk classic known as the Red Star Album.

All Kindsa Girls traces the evolution of garage/punk rock from its inception with Barry & the Remains through present day interpretations, focusing on the career of singer/songwriter John Felice and his band the Real Kids. The film features interviews with Jonathan Richman, Andy Shernoff, John Flansburgh and Willie Alexander, as well as live performances by the Real Kids, Firestarter, and the Explosion. Often compared to Buddy Holly and Brian Wilson, Felice fights to keep a band together, produce new material, and negotiate a future. John's legacy is his persistence of vision and global influence.

Director bio: Cheryl Eagan-Donovan served as publicist for the award winning features ALL THE RAGE (Roland Tec 1996) and COULD BE WORSE! (Zack Stratis 2000) as well as the music documentary PAYOFF (Kaylyn Thornal 1998.) She provided management and booking for Boston punk and hardcore bands during the eighties and nineties.


Rock and Roll Eulogy
Philadelphia Premiere

Running Time: 60min
Director: Zach Clark
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Synopsis: Helen Campbell is the new girl in town, lost in the hallways of a new school. Reaching out to the 'In-Crowd' she finds only rejection. Walking home from school she encounters the Rock & Roll Girls- Mabel, Fifi and Roxanna- Sisters in Satan, Man-Eaters, Shit Kickers. All it takes is one 45 rpm slab of vinyl, and Helen is hooked! And so the depravity begins... After Helen finds her way on stage at a Johnny Sulfur & The Numbers of The Beast concert, it's one trip to the tattoo parlor and no turning back. Teaming up with the Rock & Roll Girls, Helen sets off a deadly path of self destruction fueled by her addiction that infectious jungle beat! Hauled off to the Sisters of Mercy Home for Wayward Girls, the Rock & Roll Demon inside Helen still rages, but can it survive solitary confinement, shock-treatment and choir practice? Shot in uncompromising Black and White with a cast of young unknowns, ROCK & ROLL EULOGY uncovers the sad and sickening facts about today's wild youth! Criminal Behavior! Satan Worship! Switchblade Cat-fights! Catholic Brainwashing! Unspeakable Acts of Violence! This is the Sicko Set...THEY DID IT ALL FOR KICKS!


Triple Crème "Team Queen"
Running time: 4min
Director: Leah Meyerhoff
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Music video with girls dressed as Catholic school girls, but they ain't no Brittney Spears!