6 pm

The Janitor
Philadelphia Premiere

Running time: 92min
Directors: Andy Signore & TJ Nordaker
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Synopsis: Lionel is a custodian that longs for more. He cleans at the Generico Corporation along with fellow custodian, best friend and mentor, Mr. Growbo. Bombarded with daily disrespect and insults from co-workers, Lionel sets on a path of revenge and begins to brutally murder everyone in his path.

However this killing spree can't satisfy Lionel's true dream; to be custodian of a house filled with respectful, naked college women. When Lionel happens upon a group of sorority girls at his local bar, his dream is finally within his reach. But getting this job won't be easy, the custodial gloves come off in an ultimate show-down; a bloodbath at the sorority house.

Filled with intriguing characters, over the top humor, BLOOD, GUTS and lots of NAKED WOMEN!


Running time: 11min
Director: Armanda Valle
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Working at a video store could be a lot of fun, if it weren't for those damned customers.

Brian Adam Ant "I'm So Bored That I Could Cry"
Running time: 3min
Director: Nikc Miller
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Music video featuring animal masks!