Backseat Film Festival Crew 2006

For those who didn’t hear, the on-site staff of 12 of the Backseat Film Festival in Philly had a little side bet going on who would do what first during the festival. When we get together and get drunk, strange things do happen. Granted, most if not all of the staff members performed one or more of these actions during the festival, but the bet was on who would do it first.

Out of courtesy, we’re just gonna mention what day it happened, not who it happened to. Note that it only took 3 of 6 days to fill out most of the list.

Day 1: Passout, Vomit, Bloodshed, Drawn Upon, Teabagged
Day 2: Make out w/ New Partner, Kicked out of afterparty, Put in a Wheelchair
Day 3: Fight, Get Naked, Piss yourself

The categories that were not fulfilled include hospital trip, arrested, lose wallet, and one we wont mention here.

For results on the categories of Get a S.T.D and Offend someone upon the point of no return, check back in a few weeks.