A new feature for 2006 is the Backseat Film Festival Drinking Game! At the beginning of each screening, four criteria are selected from a hat out of over 25 possibilities. Each time one of those selected comes up in a particular screening block, viewers are to take a drink of their booze!

Some of the criteria include;
- Fake Moustache
- Nipples (One drink per nipple),
- Someone playing a guitar
- Onscreen drug-use
- Wigs
- Switchblades
- Ninja attack
- Zombie devouring a person
- Decapitation
- Vomiting
- Imitation Homo (Straight man pretending to be gay)
- Guy dressed in drag
- Someone has sex
- Onscreen drinking (finish your drink)
- Lloyd Kaufman
- Bipedal non-human hominid


Here are some movies we've screened to drinking games in the past. Give them a try! To submit your own favorite movie drinking game, email us.


Battlefield Earth
Drink everytime there is a dutch (crooked) angle camera shot.
- Drink everytime John Travolta refers to the humans as "rat-brained"

Josie and the Pussycats
- Drink everytime there is product placement.
- Finish your drink everytime there is a montage sequence.

- Everytime Josie and the band performs, all the girls in the audience have to get up on the furniture and dance. All the guys have to sing along.

Road House
- Drink everytime Kurt Russel uses the word "cooler" to refer to a bouncer.

Wild Zero
- Drink everytime someone shouts "Rock and Roll!"
- Drink everytime Guitar Wolf combs his hair.

To submit your own favorite movie drinking game, email us.