Backseat Film Festival - Philly - Winter 2006

Yuko Iritani

(Part 1, Day 1)

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On the opening night, we had large number of audience who came to see the opening ceremony. They got to gather half hour before the opening, hanging out at the entrance to share shots with crews, or seated and talking about the festival with cans of beer. The atmosphere was getting heated with the expectation of the film festival. Several minutes past 10pm, the film festival started. Coach emceed in front of the screen. 2 porn actresses were introduced and with a guy with mask they started to smash rejected submissions. With scary timbre of pipe organ, the sounds they beat rejected submissions reverberated loudly through theatre. I felt a little sorry for those films, but at the same time since I expected more sensational execution such as packing them into the car to slam it into the wall, I still felt that something was missing. Between the screenings, people were lining before 2 porn stars in order to talk with them or get autograph. People were also hanging out restlessly around the entrance to take shots with BFF crews. Illya seemed to drink a lot. I think somebody said that he threw up, and a few of them went out of the theatre to check. I stayed at concession most of the time at that night. During the screening, every time they find something interesting, audience cheered up loudly. I felt uncomfortable since that was the first time that I saw porn. After the screening, the empty theatre looked chaos, pockmarked with beer cans with heeltap. Since we had to hurry to go to the after party, Nick chased away people who persistently stuck in the theatre. I went to after party with Gina’s car with Gina, Coach, and Mike. Coach looked really drunk, and it was not so easy to make it to the bar where after party took place with his directions. At the bar, Coach was dying in one corner. Doug approached to me excitedly and asked me to let him use my camera, but unfortunately, it was out of battery. Soon, Coach was teabagged by Doug (? I’m not sure), and then, by Andy. ET was also drunk, giving me hug, and repeatedly saying I was adorable and she liked me. Since everyone got so drunk and looked having a lot of fun, I felt like drunk. I drank 2 glasses of gin and tonic, but they were not strong enough to keep up with the heated Backseat people.

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