2004 Backseat Film Festival in Philadelphia
JANUARY 22-25TH 2004
Triangle Theater


Well, the Philadelphia edition is over (for now), and we would like to thank the filmmakers, sponsors, interns and of course everyone who attended the festival for helping us live up to our reputation as . . .

The drinking man’s film festival!

All in all, it was a huge success!

Lots of zombies, hot babes, dirty jokes and booze . . .
. . . and of course, more rock ‘n roll movies than you could shake a beer at!!!

The festivities started out innocuously enough at Silk City, where the rejected submission tapes were finally given their due—they were smashed to pieces in front of a live audience!



The movies started on Friday night with a block of short films, many of them local favorites, and ended with a documentary about the Philly celebrity and personal hero of the Backseat Film Festival, the Legendary WID. WID even made a very special appearance before he returned to the womb of South Philly hilarity from whence he came!

Then there was an after-party at Whiskey Dix. I was passed out and didn’t make it, but I heard it was great.

The rock ‘n roll movies on Saturday included a movie about the plaster-casting of rock stars’ penises, a film about puberty and zombies and a block of films devoted to documetarian, Jeff Krulik, of Heavy Metal Parking Lot fame.

Then there was another after-party at N. 3rd, but I didn’t make it out to this one either (and for good reason)

Cheese Theatre kicked off Sunday’s sketch comedy block with a live performance of their new song about Taco Bell. It could only go uphill from there, and it did. We screened the world premiere of the first 2 installments of the new Bikini Bandits shorts, the Canadian crowd favorite, Fubar, and capped off the night with the BEST FEATURE winner, Prison-A-Go-Go!

I made it to this after-party, but I don’t remember where it was or how long we were there. I was told we had a great time though!