2004 Backseat Film Festival in Philadelphia
JANUARY 22-25TH 2004
Triangle Theater


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8:30pm-11:30pm - Program 1: Short Attention Span
Shorts of genres across the board for those with short attention spans!

Baby Smokes- John Primm- 1min
My Terrorist Dad- Jane Bussman- 6min
Ketchup Vs. Mustard- Backseat Conceptions- 5min
The Lester Show- Allan Steel- 6min
Losing Your Cherry- Jay Barba and Brian Farrelly- 10min
GI Joe: “And Knowing Was Half The Battle”- Eric Fensler- 6min
Harry Knuckles- Lee Demarbe- 5min
Music Video- Locust "23 Schizphrenics Lubed Up with Delusions of Grandeur"- Rusty Nails- 1min
Music Video- Locust "Solar Panel Asses"- Rusty Nails- 1min
Benjamin MacDonald - Gentleman and Scholar- Whitney Melton and Kevin Maher- 3min
Lyle Vs. His Inner Demons- Kevin Maher- 6min
An Apple A Day- Kevin Maher- 4min
Pornographic Apathetic- T. Arthur Cottam- 5min
Trailer: Hair High- Bill Plympton- 2min
Trailer: Modern Drunkard: The Movie- Frank Rich- 2min
Feature: The Legendary WID- Jason Ferraro and Brian Galla - 54min


1:30pm-4:30pm- Program 2: I Love Rock N’ Roll
Films that explore people who love Rock and the extreme ways that they express it!

An Incredible Simulation- Jeff Economy and Darren Hacker- 60min
Music Video - USS Friendship- “Rollergirls”- Bob Ray- 4min
Trailer: Punk Rock Holocaust- Doug Sakmann- 2min
Feature: Plaster Caster- Jessica Villines- 90min

5pm-8pm- Program 3: Zombies + Rock N’ Roll = Good Times
A block dedicated to two of our favorite things, Zombies and Rock and Roll!

Collegians Are Go- Scott Colonico- 24min
Creepies vs Robot Monster #2- Scott Colonico- 15min
Long Live the Revolution- Whitney Melton and Kevin Maher- 3min
Music Video: BERET! “Fois Gras”- Samuel Crow- 3min
Night of the Kung Fu Zombie Bastards From Hell- Bob Ray- 3min
Music Video- CKY "Inhuman Creation Station"- David Deneen- 4min
Trailer: Portal- Bill Sebastian- 1min
Blood Drinkers- Rusty Nails- 5min
Feature: Acne- Rusty Nails- 90min

8:30pm-11:30pm- Program 4: Director Spotlight: Jeff Krulik

A block of films from award-winning filmmaker Jeff Krulick

Planet Krulik Trailer- 1min
Public Access Gibberish- 2min
Jeff's People- 2min
Rejected Trailers for the Jewish Film Festival- 4min
Mr Blassie Goes to Washington- 26min
I Created Lancelot Link- 16min
Ernest Borgnine on the Bus- 15min
Obsessed with Jews- 8min
Heavy Metal Parking Lot- 15min
Neil Diamond Parking Lot- 9min
Harry Potter Parking Lot- 7min
Feature: Travelling Sideshow: Shocked and Amazed!- 50min

DAY 3 – SUNDAY, JANUARY 25th 2004

1:30pm-4:30pm- Program 5: Sketch Comedy
Funny flicks from sketch comedy groups and other hilarious folks

Haz Mat Showcase- Haz Mat- 14min
The Low Budget Show- Stan Byme- 20min
Welcome To Queens- Cheese Theatre- 30min
Kevin Maher Showcase- Kevin Maher- 12min
Trailer: Dingleberry Dynasty Loves You- Mark Colegrove- 2min
Feature: Fubar- Michael Dowse- 81min

5pm-8pm- Program 6: Babes, Booze and Guns
Three things that work well together (at least in the case of these films)

Just The Kiss Of The Hops- Steve Daniels- 4min
Music Video: Nashville Pussy “Say Something Nasty”- Bob Ray- 4min
Gang Girls 2000- Katrina Del Mar- 25min
Shane For Sheriff- Samuel Crow- 3min
Bikini Bandits Save Christmas Episodes 1 & 2- GYRO- 25min
Trailer: PyroNecroKlepto- Zafer Ulkucu- 2min
Feature: Ambition Withdraw- Jason Eustice- 90min

8:30pm-11:30pm- Program 7: Genre Blender
A block of film sendups of the traditional genre film

God Squad: Hollywood and Divine- J.F. Kinyon- 30min
Black Gulch- Michael Strode- 15min
The Adventures of Fratman and Pledgeboy- Mark Colegrove- 7min
Batman: Dead End- Sandy Collora- 15min
Trailer: 4 Days In Panties 2- Nick Esposito- 2min
CLOSING FEATURE FILM: Prison A Go Go- Barak Epstein- 85min